Elite Media Training

Elite Media Training

We have access to some of the country’s leading media trainers. Our team of experts have vast experience in television, radio, print journalism and social media. They are all currently working right at the very top of their professions.

Training can be provided on a one to one basis, or in groups. Each session is tailored according to the client’s individual needs.

Broadcast Media Training

As the number of broadcast networks increases, so do the chances of any of us being asked to appear on television or radio. Preparation is the key to success. Our trainers are always accompanied by a professional camera operator. We run introductory courses for those who have no previous experience, and advanced sessions for those who want to practice facing more of a Jeremy Paxman style grilling. You’ll watch your interviews being played back, and learn from the trainers’ advice. The mock interviews can be for television or radio, in a studio setting or “down the line” straight to a camera lens.

Social Media Training

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the working lives of many of us. When it’s used effectively it can bring great benefits for a business or an individual, but mistakes can cause untold damage. Whatever your level of experience in social media, our training provides vital education. Our trainer, Sue Llewellyn, has already helped more than 4,000 people get up to speed with social media.

  • How to avoid common mistakes with Social Media
  • Learn how to communicate your message through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • We use the worlds foremost Twitter Expert, Sue Llewellyn.

Crisis Management Scenarios

Nothing can fully prepare a company for a major unexpected issue, but our crisis management scenario training will give your staff the best possible grounding. Clients are divided into groups of no more than six people. Each group is set a different scenario, every one of them tailored specifically to your company’s needs. As the scenarios develop you’ll find yourself interacting on social media, while delivering interviews for television, radio and newspapers. All the scenarios conclude with a press conference. There’s no better way to learn how to cope with the most intense media pressure. These sessions are also excellent team building exercises.

Course Structure

Assessment and Research

  • What are your personal objectives or the objectives of your company or organisation?
  • We will research your company or individual personal history and formulate a day to address the relevant issues

Mastering the Media

  • Understanding the role of the media
  • Why journalists choose a particular story and how you can anticipate what they are looking for
  • How to prepare for difficult interviews

Broadcasting Environments

  • Studio interview – How to deal with the toughest line of questioning
  • How to give the best Radio/Television soundbite
  • Outside 2-way interview technique
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in-vision


  • Learn techniques for controlling an interview
  • Key messages and how to anticipate difficult issues
  • How to bridge phrases

Presentation Skills

  • How to engage your interviewer
  • The importance of body language and eye contact
  • Understanding time restraints
  • Winning interviews


  • One on one detailed analysis throughout the day

Personal DVD

  • You will recieve two copies of your in vision studio clips on DVD


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