The best people to help you are those with first hand experience at the highest level and that’s why we have a team of television executives & media experts who have all the right kind of experience to help you get there.

At Brightness Media we guarantee that all correspondence and training is strictly confidential. The team, including all production crew sign confidentiality agreements.


Gavin ScovellGavin is a former Head of Production and now an International Sports Director who has worked for Sky, ITV, ESPN, Channel 4, and BT Sport. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading live directors. During his career he’s already been on stage twice to pick up BAFTA awards with Sunset and Vine for Channel 4’s cricket team, and he directed at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. As a trainer he’s worked with a number of leading sportspeople to help them make the transition from competing in a stadium to broadcasting in a studio. He has taken Brightness Media courses in The UAE, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and The Caribbean.


James PearceJames Pearce is one of the UK’s most experienced news broadcasters, and has been a familiar face on BBC television news bulletins for the past two decades. An award winning reporter, in his role as the BBC’s Olympics Correspondent James led much of the BBC’s coverage of London 2012 for eleven years – all the way from 2001 when a bid to host the Games was first seriously discussed. The London Olympics took his journalism to the heart of government, which is why he’s interviewed all four of the UK’s most recent Prime Ministers. Name the most famous people in business, politics or sport and the chances are that James has interviewed them.


SUE LLEWELLYNSue is one of the world’s foremost experts in social media training. Building on 25 years experience in PR and Broadcast Journalism, Sue has worked with some of the biggest names in media, both as a colleague and as a social media strategist and trainer. She has worked with numerous organizations to shape strategic thinking and social digital engagement, both internally and externally. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences all over the globe.


Joanna Lowndes-LumbJo is known and respected as one of the most capable TV production minds in the industry. She has been responsible for managing major Host Broadcasts from around the globe over the past 20 years. During her career with IMG, API (now Octagon) and World Sport Group she has represented the broadcast needs of international sporting bodies and broadcasters alike. A mother of two she has encyclopedic knowledge of the Indian sub-continent and the musicals of Tim Rice!